At the Diabetes Dental Care center, our team of dedicated dental professionals makes it their mission to help patients overcome the pain and inconvenience associated with a variety of dental issues, included complications related to diabetes. Since this condition can cause tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis, it is that much more important to take extra precautions and maintain your dental health. Along with oral complications, diabetes can severely impact other parts of your body as well; which is why our staff was so moved by a BBC news story that reported on an all-diabetic pro cycling team.

A man by the name of Phil Southerland was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just an infant. Medical professionals predicted he would either lose his vision or succumb to the illness by the age of 25. Moreover, doctors recommended avoiding excessive exercise and sports. Nonetheless, Phil fell in love with bike riding and never lost that passion growing up. He signed up for cycling races and began to notice that his health actually improved.

After some time, Southerland inspired his diabetic friend to join him on his cycling ventures by demonstrating how it was possible to regulate blood glucose levels during physical activity. Eventually, others followed suit and a team was formed. When a rider is about to race, the other members monitor his blood sugar levels and food intake every 15 minutes, for several hours before the race begins.  By taking special precautions and finding a method of sugar-regulating that works for each rider, the team is able to race and enjoy their cycling experience, proving that type 1 diabetes do not automatically put sufferers on the sidelines.

When our team of dental experts at LPID heard this story, we were inspired by the obstacles that diabetes-sufferers can overcome.  It goes to show that with careful planning and consideration, diabetics can not only maintain their dental health, but enjoy a rich and full life as well. For more information on our center and the services we provide, visit us here: We look forward to hearing from you.