Very often the treatment varies for each individual patient, and it is therefore not possible to give a precise indication of the fees you will be charged.

At Diabetes Dental Care, each patient is seen for an initial consultation, at which a thorough examination is carried out, and any appropriate diagnostic investigations (such as x-rays) are made. The patient is then given an initial diagnosis and, if straightforward, a treatment plan is suggested. If necessary, the patient is recalled for further investigation, such as the taking of impressions, having a CT scan taken, getting further relevant information from your GP or specialist diabetic doctor.

If the proposed treatment is simple and straightforward the patient is given a written estimate the day of the consultation. If the treatment is more complex, the patient is sent a written estimate in the post once the case has been studied in further detail, explaining the treatment and outlining the costs, and the payment terms.

The patient is always informed of the estimates before any treatment commences.