London Medical has been referring patients to Diabetes Dental since September 2014.

Feedback from our patients on the experience has been universally positive, with numerous comments on the professionalism, skill and warmth extended by you and your team. Those views are echoed by our consultants, who make particular mention of the high quality and appropriate detail of Diabetes Dental reports.

We are very pleased to recommend Diabetes Dental to our Patients. The quality of service provided by your team is of a high standard and we are assured that those patients we recommend to your care are treated with the same respect and kindness that we pride ourselves on at London Medical.

We look forward to building an ever closer mutually beneficial relationship with Diabetes Dental, and to continue recommending to our patients a professional service with out own standards.

Dr Ralph Abraham, MA, PhD, BMBCh, MRCP
Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Lipid Disorder

I had been facing Gum disease for some years. When I started seeing Dr Casanova, she recommended I had an extraction and a deep clean. I know it was important to stop the spread of the disease and to reduce the impact of the infection for the management of my diabetes. I was nervous at first, not having had treatment for many years, however my experience was outstanding. The main benefits I have experienced since I had the treatment, apart from no longer having pain in my tooth and my gums stopping bleeding, is that my Hba1c has reduced from 9.6 to 8.4, and I´m sure this will continue to reduce with further treatment. If I could give any advise to anyone who was considering the services at Diabetes Dental Care, I would say don´t postpone it. It´s not painful and as a diabetic it´s key. I couldn´t understand why I was struggling get my Hba1c to an acceptable level and now I know it was due to the infection in my tooth and gums. Don´t delay it- have the treatment. Its definitely been a good investment, and although the treatment isn´t over, the benefits have been worth it so far.

Claire (Patient)

Somewhat to my surprise, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in January 2015. In addition, I was experiencing discomfort with my teeth and gums.

I had been seeing a Periodontist elsewhere every four months for regular cleaning but due to the change in my medical health and no improvement in my gum condition my dentist advised me to see Dr Leticia Casanova at Diabetes Dental Care.

Following an in depth and informative consultation Leticia advised me of the treatment I would need to improve the heath of my mouth and gums, which in turn would improve other side effects of diabetes. I received not only a high level of care from Leticia and from her team, but also a much greater understanding of diabetes and how health of one’s teeth and gums affect other parts of the the body

For the first time it was explained to me how to clean my teeth at home to help make sure my gums stay stable in the long run.

Since commencing my treatment my mouth is feeling hugely improved and I would recommend anyone who has diabetes and problems with bleeding gums to contact the team at Diabetes Dental Care for any oral health examination, diagnosis and effective treatment from a really knowledgeable team.

Simon (Patient)

I have referred some of my patients with Diabetes at DDC throughout the past year. I have been pleasantly surprised to see an improvement in their overall periodontal health as well as the reduction of their HbA1c levels.

Dr Casanova and her team have a deep understanding of the oral health care and complications of patients with Diabetes. This is why I am always happy to use their support when referring my patients for an oral health screening.

Dr Tim Blakeney (Dentist)

I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 20 years and always felt my oral hygiene wasn’t what it should be but not understood why. The DDC team are true experts on their field.  They’ve helped me understand the connection between diabetes and oral health, how to keep my teeth healthy and most importantly, all with a friendly approach – I feel lucky to have found them!!

Rowena (Patient)


Dr Casanova and Dr Holmes are extremely bright and personable, and are superb dentists. I would have no reservations entrusting them with my dental needs as well as those of my family

Dr Paul Fletcher (Dentist)
Associate Clinical Professor at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine 


I have known Dr Casanova for a number of years in her role as specialist clinical teacher in Periodontology, during which time she has delivered clinical teaching and supervision for both undergraduates and postgraduate specialist trainees. She is a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced clinician who has made a significant contribution to the teaching and delivery of periodontal care here.

Dr Mark Ide
Senior Lecturer / Hon Consultant Periodontology, King’s College London